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Procurement Through Empowerment

Confinus is a SaaS platform revolutionizing trade solutions for Food Suppliers and their customers

Sophisticated trade solutions for a dynamic industry

Delivering meaningful and digitally competent utility.

Take The Digital Leap

The absence of modern digital solutions increasingly creates friction throughout the food supply chain. For many suppliers, off-the-shelf software solutions barely scratch the surface of the complex technical considerations and business logic they require to power a digital platform.

Designed and built by industry experts. Confinus offers a robust suite of highly-scalable procurement solutions for suppliers of all types regardless of size or available resources.

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Everything you need

An all-in-one platform

Product Configuration
Real-time management of information-rich product data exposed to customers. Flexible modeling for catch-weight products with multiple sell variants.
Price Management
Cutting-edge pricing mechanisms enable real-time management of market-driven product prices exposed to different customers and buying groups.
Order Procurement
Intuitive interfaces for supplier and customer workflows streamline the order submission process by eliminating redundancies and existing barriers to order execution.
Market Variables
Serviceability tools tailored for adaptation to diverse sets of customer considerations such as regional product preferences, contract pricing, and geolocation-based service schedules.
Exposure Controls
Increase exposure to prospective customers and manage content exposed to existing customers. Convert prospective customers into new customer acquisitions.
Customer Service
Automated support for maximum coverage and enahnced customer experiences. Improve customer satisfaction to strengthen retention and loyalty.

Customer Engagement Automated

Boost sales, increase margins, and reduce overhead.

Confinus features

Limitless Reach

Reduce contact with entire customer networks to a single click. Ensure real-time delivery of product and price updates without risk of costly delays and errors. Take decisive and strategic action to eliminate the pitfalls and limitations of sole reliance on a traditional sales team.

Confinus features

Economies of Scale

Automated serviceability tools applied to customers and geographical regions increase operational and financial efficiency. As a result, suppliers are no longer forced to prioritize the burdens of managing operational overhead and allocating personnel ahead of improving operations and customer experience.

Confinus features

Protracted Growth

Strengthen customer retention with transformative improvements to the overall customer experience. Overhaul customer engagement operations to drive consistent growth in sales, margins, and new business acquisition without adding personnel.

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Streamlined Workflows

Customized for the food industry.


Customizable service settings ensure that customers submit orders within the specific parameters supported by the supplier.

Transparent policies that empower customers to submit orders directly instill an equal-share of accountability.

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Dynamic Pricing Mechanisms

Diverse sets of market variables render the optimization of product pricing a significant challenge. Confinus puts you in control of the pricing process by making it easy to manage product exposure and pricing to different customers on a large scale.

Eliminating costly and inefficient delivery intermediaries allow you to effectively place focus on pricing rather than processes.

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Flexible Order Accomodation

Organized service and product information architecture allow customers to work through their budgets, schedules, and needs to submit orders with confidence.

Reduce friction by eliminating breakdowns in communication that stem from supplier and customer schedules that don’t align.

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Targeted Communication

Internal messaging capabilities at the individual user, order, and product levels maintain the crucial element of personal relationships.

Enable sales and customer service personnel to engage multiple customers at the same time.

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PunchOut & Third-Party Integrations

Integrate with third-party procurement platforms such as Birch Street. Consolidate third-party catalog management with multi-platform PunchOut integrations.

Data Importing
Import data from third-party platforms and your internal systems to Confinus.
Supports workflows including PO approvals via procurement platforms.
Powerful API.
Receive updates about new orders in Confinus, or integrate your internal system directly with our APIs.

Confinus supports PunchOut with platforms such as:

Birch Street Coupa iBuyEfficient Craftable Fourth Workday

Plans for teams of all sizes

Custom features tailored to your business needs

Confinus brings forth a new generation of cutting-edge technologies to automate and improve business performance for all types of food suppliers, foodservice distributors and retailers. Contact us for a consulation with our veteran industry experts to discuss your immediate and long-term needs!

Base Plan

Contact for pricing

    • Private shop front - private B2B only
    • Protection from competitors
    • Customer registration and management systems
    • Proprietary pricing mechanisms
    • Advanced product info & variant configuration
    • Managed single tenant platform hosting


Contact for pricing

Buy plan
    • Private shop front - private B2B only
    • Protection from competitors
    • Customer registration and management systems
    • Proprietary pricing mechanisms
    • Advanced product info & variant configuration
    • Managed single tenant platform hosting
    • Third-party Punchout integration


Contact for pricing

Buy plan
    • Private shop front - B2B + B2C store duality
    • Protection from competitors
    • Customer registration and management systems
    • Proprietary pricing mechanisms
    • Advanced product info & variant configuration
    • Managed single tenant platform hosting
    • Third-party Punchout integration
    • Order payment integrations (P2P)
    • Invoicing
    • Sales and marketing reporting
    • Customizable landing pages
    • Promo Codes/Credit System
    • Internal messaging/chat system
    • Punchout integration
    • Custom API integrations
    • Advanced support packages
    • More available upon inquiry...

Frequently asked questions

The platform is equipped to facilitate payments with the addition of our integrated payment processing extension.

Proper structuring of clean data will typically require a moderate time investment with emphasis on detail. However, this is essentially a "one-time" exercise and we here to help you!

We currently operate in the United States only, but plan to enter the international market in the near future.

The platform is completely managed and hosted by Confinus, therefore our clients are not required to maintain technical support internally.

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